Enterprise culture

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Existence of products in the market lies in quality,so only the quality management is well implemented could the products achieve popularity.The corporation exerts rigorous control over all details in quality control.Based on science and technology,it has followed strict quality control and management procedures for years,winning the market with quality. By introducing overseas advanced management mode,the corporation has passed a deal of satety and management certifications at home or abroad.

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Aiming to consolidate customer'satisfication,the corporation has established a quality control system which ranges from raw material to semi-finished products and customers,implementing the quality assurance measures towards popular administration.

By satisfying all necessary standard in safety and refrigerating performance, the corporation has assured its status of advanced quality in the industry.


Quality-The qualified rate of the primary inspected finished products≥95%,the shipping products 100%.

Reputation-The rate of fulfilling the contracts100%.(Except the customer against the contract)

Service-The satisfication rate of customer≥90%.

Technology-Keep on the top level in the industry.

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